Industrial and Construction Services

With the use of drones, we can assist in making industrial data analysis more cost and time effective. Our aerial photography and video quality in Clarksville, TN can be a great tool for almost any company. Here at Redhawk Aerial we strive to be the best at what we do.  

We can provide all of your ground and aerial photography and videography needs for Clarksville, Tennessee and surrounding areas. Our staff will provide you with unparalleled service to ensure you are satisfied beyond expectation.

We operate in a huge local service area that includes: Clarksville & Nashville Tennessee, Paducah, Kentucky and anywhere that a job might take us!

For assistance with any type of services please call our office at (931)444-7022

With the ever-growing drone industry, Redhawk Aerial strives to give you and your company the best possible service using top of the line flight equipment and highly trained operators. Our top priority is always safety on the job site. All of our operators are OSHA certified, part 107 certified and have various certifications for job specific tasks.   


Redhawk Aerial requires a 30 minute standown in the event of a lightning strike in a 30 mile radius. 



Using the latest drone technology we are able to assist inspection crews with a large variety of important infrastructure. Our inspection services offer a cost effective solution to keep your company's personnel out of harms way.

Our inspections include:

  • Gas and Oil Pipelines
  • Power / Cable Lines
  • Towers
  • Roofing
  • Bridges
  • Silos 
  • Railways

Job-site monitoring and site prep

Redhawk Aerial's job site recon and monitoring services  allow companies to collect aerial photographs and video at a moments notice. Scouting a job site is made easy with our services. We can give your company up to date images or video of any perspective job site. Our drones monitor a site and give a Project Manager up to the second footage of the entire job site allowing them to easily make a decision from anywhere. 


Site security

Securing a jobsite can save time and money. We can fly day or night to ensure that the accountability of your personnel, equipment, and materials is the least of your problems. We can offer daily reports of the site, or we can keep you up to date as frequently as you need. 

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Topographic services

We use industry specific software that allows us to provide our commercial clients with state of the art services that include: precise measurements of the area, material and stockpile measurements (volumetrics), elevation mapping, 2d and 3d modeling, and much more. 


Aerial lighting solutions

Redhawk Aerial now offers the ability light up areas that conventional light plants aren't able to reach. No matter what the terrain we will be able to provide light to any situation.